Business law

We offer the best legal advice on all kinds of corporate operations, which include the following:

      • Incorporation of companies
      • Establishment of strategic alliances and joint ventures
      • Commercial contracts in different sectors
      • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
      • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
      • Shareholder agreements
      • Restructuring of companies
      • Due diligence
      • Company insolvency
      • National and cross-border investment strategies
      • Agency and distribution agreements
      • Franchising agreements
      • International sale of goods

The partners of the firm always lead the legal management of every project, maintaining a close relationship with the client. To do that, we undertake the task of compiling information prior to the transaction in order to provide the most appropriate solutions as quick as possible, maximising the chances of success.

The participation of our professionals in operations of great importance, helping major entities in different sectors to expand and consolidate their business in new markets, is a confirmation of our extensive experience. Our team provides a comprehensive service and it immerses itself in the operation from the preparation to the closing stage, drawing up the corresponding agreements and providing advice after said agreements have been formalised. The aim of these protocols is to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients in terms of their interests and the prevention and resolution of any legal disputes.

The thorough coordination of our services with the different departments of the company we work with, helps us to discover and to have great understanding of its needs when negotiating and closing deals, establishing a precise action plan that is fully aligned with the company’s short-, medium- and long-term operational strategy.


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